Community Service Requirement

Thank you for visiting the Pomperaug Community Service site. Below you will find information on the Region 15 community service graduation requirement, directions on how to log volunteer hours through School Links, answers to frequently asked questions, and how to receive assistance with finding volunteering opportunities.

Pomperaug Community Service Graduation Requirement

Students are required to complete a total of twenty (20) hours of community service, five per year, prior to graduation. Please note it is necessary to obtain an email address from the facilitator of your volunteer experience as you will need to email the facilitator to verify your hours. Please refer to the FAQ page linked below for additional information regarding this requirement.

Verifying and Logging Community Service Hours in School Links

  • Access your School Links account (If you do not have an account, see your school counselor.)

  • On the upper left hand side, click on the School tab. It has an apple icon.

  • Click on Experience Tracking

  • Click on Community Service

  • Add Entry

When adding an entry, you will be prompted to enter the following information:

  • Name of Organization

  • Supervisor/Facilitator’s Email Address

  • Date(s) and Time (hours) Spent 

  • You will also be asked to answer two questions:

  1. What was your role in the community service activity?

  2. How did your volunteerism give back to your PHS or local community?

  • Save the entry and an email will be sent to the facilitator to verify your hours. Once verified, the hours will be logged in your School Links account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the link below for additional  information on the community service requirement.

Community Service Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I ask if I have questions about my community service hours?

  • Your school counselor can assist with the process of logging and tracking your community service hours in School Links.

  • PHS club advisers and student club presidents can help with volunteer opportunities.

  • Mrs. Lomaro, Career Center Coordinator, has knowledge of local community volunteering opportunities in Middlebury, Southbury, and nearby communities.

Assistant Principal, Heidi Szymanski, oversees the community service graduation requirement and can be reached at

Opportunities Through the PHS Career Center Linked Below

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