Request Working Papers

The purpose of the Certificate of Age or “Working Papers” is to ensure that individuals under the age of 18 have proper documentation of their age and are employed in occupations that are acceptable under the law.

Connecticut issues Working Papers to: minors 16 and 17 years of age who have been hired in a nonhazardous jobs in any manufacturing, mechanical, service, recreation, amusement, restaurant or mercantile establishment.

Note: 15 year olds may be employed in retail/mercantile establishments, as baggers, cashiers or stock clerks, during NON-SCHOOL weeks only except that 15 year olds may be employed in retail grocery stores on Saturdays only during school weeks.

Connecticut Working Papers are only issued to individuals who have jobs in the State of Connecticut.  If you are hired for a job out of state, you will need to contact your employer to find out how to obtain Working Papers.

Once a student has been hired, the employer will provide them with a Promise of Employment.  This letter should be written on letterhead and must state specifically what the job is that the individual will be doing, the number of hours to be worked and the pay.  It must be signed by the employer and must contain the address of the business.

Students who live in Southbury or Middlebury should take the Promise of Employment to the Career Center at Pomperaug High School along with proof of age such as: birth certificate, CT Driver’s license, or passport. If the individual is a current student at Pomperaug High School, proof of age is not needed.

Any questions, contact the Career Center at 203-262-3224.


Carrie Tremlett, Guidance Secretary
(203) 262-3238

Denise Wells, Secretary
(203) 262-3238