The PHS English program is designed to foster students’ skills and engagement in the areas of reading, listening, viewing, writing, and speaking. These receptive and expressive skills cross genres and require students to have control over their understanding and use of language. Students will read fiction and nonfiction each year, exploring classic as well as modern literature. They will practice the skills of literary analysis and reading for information while furthering their appreciation of literature and of well-written texts. Throughout their four years of English, students will write clearly, effectively and confidently, for a variety of purposes and in narrative, informative, and argumentative modes. As part of the learning process, students will set literacy-based goals and reflect upon their progress throughout the year.

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Art Blais, Humanities (English and Social Studies) Chairperson

Sarah Dapp, Humanities Department Secretary

(203) 262-3285

National English Honor Society (NEHS)