The PHS community expects that students will meet academic, social and civic requirements through the pursuit of our 21st Century expectations for student learning.  The PHS Student will demonstrate:

  • Effective communication by interpreting language, revising ideas and positions relative to new understandings, and conveying facts, ideas, emotions, and concepts relevant to purpose and audience.
  • Critical thinking by approaching topics with a healthy skepticism, pursuing solutions to challenging questions or problems, considering alternative perspectives, and conceptualizing, synthesizing, and evaluating information and experiences as a framework for belief and action.
  • Innovation by exhibiting a sense of wonder and curiosity, an internal motivation to push boundaries and take risks, perseverance in the face of failure, and a capacity for producing novel ideas and products.
  • Global citizenship and ethics by honoring the dignity and rights of all people, responding to the needs of the local community and beyond, showing an understanding of the social, cultural, political, environmental, and economic issues faced by citizens of the world, respecting the intellectual and physical property of others, making thoughtful decisions, and accepting responsibility for one’s own actions.

PHS offers each student limitless opportunities to attain his or her personal best, embracing academic rigor, character development & mindfulness, athletic achievement, and artistic exploration through the fine arts. All PHS students are encouraged to pursue passions and are nurtured by our caring faculty and staff every step of the way.

Stacey Zwick, Director of Guidance (also District Testing Coordinator), K-12

Christopher Walsh, Academic Chair Math and Science, 6-12

Arthur Blais, Academic Chair Humanities (English and Social Studies) 6-12

Jeromy Nelson, Director of Fine, Applied & Technical Arts, K-12

Ronald Plasky, Director of Athletics, Health and Physical Education, K-12

Michelle Hayes, Academic Chair Special Education at Pomperaug High School