Physical Education & Health

The Pomperaug High School Wellness Program integrates Physical Education and Health concepts that strives to educate students to be healthy and active throughout their lives. We recognize that regular physical activity is imperative to the well-being of all people. We know that good health habits begin at a young age. Our focus is to promote self-motivated students toward a healthy and active lifestyle by comprehending wellness concepts, using knowledge of the physiological benefits of exercise, practicing good health habits, having the opportunity to perform a variety of movements that lead to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Students earn the required credits needed for graduation by taking 9th Grade Physical Education and Health, 10th Grade Physical Education and Health and 2 elective cours

Contact Info

(203) 262-3294

Ron Plasky, Director of Athletics,
Health & Physical Education     

Alyson Dembski, Athletics, Health & Physical Education Department Secretary